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Repair Services

A Full Restoration is the most comprehensive repair we offer. It involves removing the sashes from their openings, carrying out extensive resin repairs, rebuilding where necessary, and a full strip down and re-paint. This is an extensive process and is very labour intensive, so unless you live in a historic building or conservation area, or you have historic sash windows that you’d like to keep, then we would likely recommend replacement instead.

Full Rundown of the Full Restoration Service:

  • Remove & dispose of all staff & parting beads
  • Dismantle sashes
  • Burn off heavy paint from all woodwork – sashes, box frames, hardwood sills, architrave, bull nose sills and window boards
  • Sand down all of the above woodwork
  • Carry out any necessary sash, box and timber repairs, splice in new timber where necessary & fill all cracks with epoxy resin
  • Once resin is dry, re-sand all woodwork
  • Supply & fit 4 x new wheeled pulleys
  • Prime all woodwork with Teknos micro-porous base primer
  • All woodwork will be painted with 2 coats of Teknos micro-porous base primer
  • Add-on lead weights (where applicable) will be supplied & fitted to counterbalance sashes
  • Sashes will be hung on white waxed cotton sash cords
  • New staff & parting beads will be supplied & fitted with draught seals
  • Aquatex A10 weatherseal (white) will be fitted to staff beads
  • Aquatex D slot weatherseal (white) will be fitted to parting beads & meeting rails
  • All woodwork – box frames, hardwood sills, architrave, bull nose sills and window boards will be decorated with 2 coats of Teknos micro-porous top coat. Standard RAL colour 9016 ‘Traffic White”. Additional paint colours must be provided by client
  • New sashes will be decorated with 1 extra coat of Teknos micro-porous top coat in-situ
  • New polished chrome or polished brass hardware will be supplied & fitted comprising of: 1 x locking sash fastener, 2 x sash lifts, 2 x D handles & 2 x security sash restrictors
  • All work areas will be fully protected and vacuumed each evening
  • All glass and work areas will be cleaned on completion
  • All rubbish will be removed from site on completion

Our Full Restoration service starts at £1080 for a simple sash window design and goes up depending on the complexity of the design. Feel free to give our office a call for a costing, or use our Online Estimating Tool.

Enjoy being warm and comfortable!

call us: 020 3302 2060 or email: [email protected]

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