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How is Float Glass Manufactured?

Glass is used extensively in our everyday lives. It’s used in windows, mirrors and other items like glasses and other homeware pieces. To the untrained eye, it all appears exactly the [...]

How is Crown Glass Manufactured?

Did you know that all glass, even the large sheets used in windows, was at one time hand-blown? Although the image above does not show actual windows being made, you see [...]

5 Interesting Facts About Glass

So, you’d think we should know lots about glass. The truth is, people in general do not know as much about glass as they really should. To help fill in the [...]

5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

Even though the windows in your property are hardly the most inconspicuous part of your home, and look through it on a daily basis, it can still be hard to spot [...]

Benefits of Bespoke Windows and Doors

Although there are many situations where standard-sized windows and doors will fit perfectly into the relevant spaces in your home, there are some key benefits to investing in bespoke products. It [...]

Window Durability

When you are in the market for new windows for your property, whether it’s a new build or you need replacements for existing products, there is a lot to consider. One [...]

How Do Sash Windows Work?

How do sash windows work? Sash windows are immensely popular and can give your home a sophisticated look, while allowing lots of natural light in. As a discerning customer, you may [...]

When To Give Up On Repairs

Over the years, we’ve found that some people never really know when to give up on repairs. Although the image above is a very extreme example, it does serve to illustrate [...]

A Guide to Sustainably Sourced Timber

Timber is an invaluable material for many reasons – we burn it for fuel, work with it in architecture, and use it for everything from flooring to furniture, but the importance [...]

Five Reasons to Choose Timber Over uPVC

Whether you’re renovating an existing property, constructing an extension or building your own home from scratch, your choice of windows is as important as any other decision you make. When deciding [...]